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The Curse of the Crimson Throne

Welcome to the campaign Wiki. Here we can keep track of places, NPCs, experience points, and whatever you guys request. So here we go!

Player Characters

Rullik Sharksbane: A Dwarven urban ranger and recovering drunk that fancies himself a vigilante.
Zeveran (last name): A Human sailor and warrior who fights dirty but is a good man at heart
Squip Roveyjar: The unlikely Gnomish barbarian with a propensity for riding dogs and eating cheese.

Non-Player Characters

King Eodred Arabasti II: Former king of Korvosa
Queen Ileosa Arabasti: Current queen of Korvosa
Zelara: Varisian fortune teller
Field Marshall Kresida Kroft: Leader of the Korvosan Guard
Banker Edward Montaigne: Priest of the Bank of Abadar

Mungo’s Songs

The Grim End of Rolth

Main Page

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