The Curse of the Crimson Throne

Tactics: "Run, Jump, Fall" VS "Think, Consider, Cast"

As evening was falling the group was seated at the Three Rings whetting their whistles (dousing them in Rullik’s case), an aurroch of a mail-maid came in baring a letter for Zeveron.
The letter mentioned his boat and the possibility that Veda, from the Cerulean Society, might have some knowledge as to its ware-abouts, and was signed from the King of Spiders himself. Thinking to capitalize on everyones unique… skills (?)… and not have the evening be wasted getting ‘dwarven-drunk,’ the group all split up to pursue information on the guild of thieves, and their ware-abouts individually.
Rullik and Zeveron, making best use of their faculties, ruffed up some common thugs, and murdered a man in cold blood to learn the name of a local crime-boss.
Mungo plumbed his underworld contacts, through the ware-rat population, to discover who the ware-guild members were, the Rat Teat Boys, and their area of operation.
Squip threw a fit in the Unicorn’s Horn and didn’t learn much of anything, but did make a racked worthy of someone ten tymes her size.
And Synthrish, recognizing the worth of being informed in any area before going into it, hit the library at the Academia. There she learned that Veda had been an elven applicant two hundred years prior, but had been turned away for practicing a bastard form of the arcane, witchcraft, despised by all proper practitioners. Also, information about the Rat Teat Boys, identifying gang colors and that many high-up members in the guild were located in the affluent East Shore district, was all forthcoming as well.

Reconvening later that evening Squip went to her room in a huff and the rest of us decided that crawling through a sewer in search of some rat-hooligans was an activity entirely below the status of such highly respected heroes, and that searching the East Shore, a much more dignified activity, was likely to lead to a more direct source.
The next day we sent Mungo and Squip out to busk on a street corner and insert suggestive lyrics to the Cerulean Society that we would love to play for Veda herself. One of the members was captivated by our lyrics, but needed suggestions whispered more directly in her ear from a trusted friend, which a cunningly employed charm ensured that Synthrish was.
Led directly to Veda’s abode, as guests to we were ushered into a drug-hazy room with a very surprised Veda. Her immediate reaction was to, dishonorably, coerce elementals to do her bidding and flee the scene herself.
Synthrish, speaking the language of rocks, began dialogue with the summoned Magma Elemental, and by proxy, with the Fire Elemental. The dialogue was difficult, predominantly because of the lack of finesse with the terran tongue, but through use of magic, diplomacy, creating fire and basking in it Synthrish was able to convince the elementals that she was party to their grievances, that, in fact, they were on the same side, and that in future encounters should work together to arrive at mutual goals.
During the parley, Mungo, Squip, Zev and Rullik all chased after Veda, who had managed to get a good head start on them, dodging around a hay cart of doom and some construction scaffolding. Rullik, in his bullish desire to bound over the cart, pulled it onto its side, forming a solid barrier and keeping any of the others from finding good hand-holds, delaying the pursuit significantly.
Veda approached a guard naked and insistent that the party was attempting to kill her, and while initially met with doubt, managed to convince him that her situation was dire and slipped around him.
Schrtztztz dashed out the house when Synthrish indicated that she needed no more elemental solidarity and, with amazing speed and grace flew over and around obstacles which had otherwise troubled the group, quickly catching, and passing Veda herself. Schrtztztz looped back around to delay the fleeing witch, but having no metal on her person, was unable to establish a significant electrical flow thru her, but was able to delay her enough for Rullik to catch up and heave a dagger into her leg. Confronted with such a fell beast, Veda swung her cudgel directly into the cloud of lightning and landed as solid a hit as possible, dispersing much of the solidity of its body. Schrtztztz’s emotions, having received such a grieveous wound, were instantly recognizable to Synthrish, who, in a display of her love for elemental states of being, broke parley to assist and put an end to this fruitless dash of Veda’s. Muttering a few words and casting her hands about with perfect and practiced precision, Synthrish opened an extra-dimensional space directly beneath the witche’s feet, spilling her thirty feet down and knocking her unconscious while the rest of the party continued to scramble through crowds and around portcullises.

All she could think was how embarrassing it was for people that their best solution was to pursue a fleeing opponent on their own ground rather that dealing with them on terms decided by oneself.
When the only tool you have in a hammer, all of your problems begin to look like nails; so maybe when all you have is muscle to carry you through every situation the only solution you can think of is to run, jump and throw things.
Synthrish was, however, entertained at how taken the mob seemed to be with the diminutive Squip, believing her the main hero to save Korvosa from the Blood Vail… so be it though, let the mass believe as they will. It did provide an entertaining scene.


nillic Synthrish

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