The Curse of the Crimson Throne

2011.07.11 - A Mad Woman Caught

Do you promise?

Synthrish went and guarded what she thought was the most likely exit from the dining area while the others looked around cautiously.

“Did you see that crazy elf? She looked like some sort’a clown!” Exclaimed Mungo.

“No, but I almost caught one of her crazy yelling arrows to the head! Good thing I’m faster than a slow witted harlot!” Squip snapped back.

Just then Zev cried out in pain as a crossbow bolt found its mark right where his armour wasn’t protecting as the Elven woman squealed with delight, “Are you enjoying my pretties? They dance quite beautifully!” as she ducked into one of the entry rooms.

With a grunt Zev snapped the bolt off at it’s entry point and ran after her. Synthrish, finally spotting her target cast a Hideous Laughter spell and the already mad Elf fell down in a paralyzing fit of laughter. Zev dove on top of her and held her down. The others came rushing in and with a bit of effort tied the woman up. As the ropes were tightened she let out a disturbing moan, of pleasure or pain it was still difficult to tell. Rullik had already lost patience with the madwoman and held a knife to her tied hands.

“Start talking or I’ll take off one of your fingers right now.” He threatened and Taom the wildcat hissed in agreement.

“Do you promise?” She purred and leaned her head back to see the gruff Dwarf’s confused expression.

“Mungo, let’s check the upstairs and leave our friends to their work.” Zeveran suggested hesitantly.

Upstairs Zev and Mungo found what seemed to be a gallery of sorts with three of the undead aristocrats wandering aimlessly. Zeveran handled them easily but stumbled upon two more in the master bedroom. One of the zombies was dressed as a Galtan Queen and that queen was Olauren Carowyn, lady of the house. Asking for forgiveness from whatever gods were watching, Zev ran her through as well as the other and began searching the upstairs thoroughly with Mungo.

“How much do you think we can get for all these paintings?” Mungo piped up.

“No clue, lets see if we can get them down.” Zev suggested, temporarily forgetting the atrocities they both had witnessed.

Back downstairs the others kept Jolstina tied up and began questioning her. Threats of violence were tossed around only to be met with moans and begging. When Squip attempted a nicer approach the Elf spat at the Gnome and began going on and on about how the friends had destroyed her pretties and all of her fun. Finally Rullik shoved the knife through her hands, calling her bluff. Jolstina only moaned loudly in an orgasmic kind of pleasure. Squip crawled into her lap and began nuzzling her, thinking that if cruelty wasn’t working on the mad harlot then affection might. Poutily she refused the speak and Squip was forced to give up.

“I say we just kill ‘er. She’s bat mad and useless to us.” Grumbled Rullik.

“Why not just take her to the guard?” Squip pipped in while Synthrish stood silently over all of them.

“NO!!!!” the Elf cried out “Please! Don’t lock me up! ANYTHING but that horrid hole the Citadel calls a prison!”

Prodding her on Squip ignored her pleas, “Yep, let’s just lock up this crazy elf no use for her here!”


Both Synthrish and Rullik grinned. After some back and forth the three found out the following:

  • Jolstina (the name they never got) is in love with Rolth.
  • Rolth was last seen with two Grey Maidens when he came to the manor to take away a Varisian boy (Presumably Ruan Mirakova.)
  • Rolth has some new employer, Jolstina knew nothing about who it was.
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