The Curse of the Crimson Throne

2011.07.07 - Part 1: The Direption

And we're back!

The Sea Hag Yvicca proved to be tough in her home terrain under the water in the Jaggare and put up quite a fight. But thanks to the water breathing potions and Yvicca fleeing at the wrong moment the party dispatched the Hag; they were rewarded for their efforts with a pair of rusty looking bracelets and a wicked double pointed short-spear (which Zeveran quickly equipped, with the party’s approval of course). With the sunken boat quiet once more the party began a thorough examination of the wreckage. The room that the Sea Hag took residence in seemed to be some sort of infirmary and looked empty until a small darkwood coffer caught Squip’s keen Gnomish eyes. With her normal reckless enthusiasm the little barbarian pried open the air tight container only to watch in horror as a set of documents detailing the ownership and purpose of the Direption began to disintegrate while the ink washed away. Luckily her keen eyes caught a small bit of information before the documents became completely useless:

  • The collections of ledgers, invoices, and deed were noted as belonging to the group B7
  • The ownership of the boat was titled to one “R. Davaulus”
  • The cargo was marked as “specimens”

The party made note of what they had found and Squip was furious with herself for letting such a valuable clue slip away. Zev comforted her and urged the party to press on towards the captain’s quarters to see if any answers may lie there…and oh what a surprise they found.

Floating eerily in the middle of the room, surrounded by the ghostly twisting sheets of a canopied bed was a body, specifically the body of one of the Queen’s Physicians. Rullik examined the body further and came across a holy symbol. Due to his vast stores of random knowledge Mungo recognized the symbol immediately: Urgathoa goddess of disease and plague. With the papers gone and this startling information revealed to them the intrepid adventurers did the only thing they could do; they drug the dead body to the surface and asked Eries Yelloweyes to stash the body so they could inform Field Marshall Kroft.

The hour was late, well past sleep for any normal citizen, undeterred the heroes ran as fast as they could directly to the Citadel demanding to see the field marshal. After some persuasion they went directly to her quarters and woke her from her well deserved rest. Irritable and drowsy she let everyone in only to be shocked at the accusations everyone began throwing around while they all excitedly began speaking at the same time. Kroft silenced everyone and had the story relayed to her calmly. Gathering herself she regained her composure and ordered that everyone meet her there at the Citadel at daybreak and commanded they all leave.

After a light breaking of fast and untying Mungo from the bedposts Rullik, Zeveran, Mungo, Squip, and Ihro quickly made their way to the Citadel to meet with Field Marshal Kroft. As she was already waiting at the gate they quickly made their way to the docks to find Eries. Shockingly the field marshal asked no questions as to who Eries was or why she had the body, she was completely focused on the task at hand. After examining the physician and finding the symbol of Urgathoa around the dead man’s neck she requested the party come back to the Citadel to discuss matters further and assured the old wererat that the body would be taken care of and not to worry about any reprisals.

Upon returning there was a young Varisian woman pounding on the gate begging the guard for help weeping terribly and uncontrollably. Kroft quickly ushered the companions past the scene and sat them down in her office.

“I cannot just go around flinging accusations that the queen’s personally selected doctor and his assistants are the cause of the blood veil plague without solid proof. To do so would probably end my life as well as yours. The body alone is only circumstantial, even if it is extremely suspicious. Give me some time to work out a plan, at least a few days. I’ll contact you once we can move forward. Mention this to NO ONE or I’ll have all of you locked up until Korvosa is rid of the plague.”

With these stern words the field marshal sent the companions on their way. Noticeably the young Varisian was no longer wailing at the gates…


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