The Curse of the Crimson Throne

2011.02.07- A Con Artist Arrested and What's in the River?

Dwarves don't belong under the water

“Blast!” Exclaimed Edward Montaigne. He had discovered that this “cure” Vendra claimed to have made was a fake, but both he and Zeveran expected as much. They both rushed to The Citadel to inform Field Marshall Kroft of their discovery.

Meanwhile the rest of the party and the guard arrived at Lavender’s only to find a crowd of sick and needy already forming at the door, waiting for the next day’s business. Mungo pointed out which apartment belonged to Vendra and after several forceful knocks Lieutenant Grau kicked the door in (to Ihro’s envy). A quick search revealed she wasn’t home, but Squip’s keen Gnomish senses heard someone making a quick getaway in the hall.

“They’re runnin’!” she exclaimed and, still riding the dog Cheddar, darted after Vendra and her group of thugs down the narrow hallway. After a failed attempt to bludgeon the first thug she pushed past him toward’s Vendra. Both Mungo and Rullik had fallen behind so the Dwarf decided to toss one of the tanglefoot bags he found in the sewer. It soared over Squip and Cheddar and with a wet splat it covered the next thug and within seconds hardened causing the man to fall face first into the planks. Squip wasted no time and with some fancy riding had Cheddar deftly dart past the final fleeing man and with a howl lept from the dog’s back onto Vendra, pinning her to the ground. She began begging for mercy and while struggling reached for a concealed dagger. Cheddar, quick to guard his master, clamped his powerful jaws down on her wrist. Squip grabbed it, held it to Vendra’s throat and then realized something smelled wrong and clamped her hand over her mouth and threw a garbled series of threats towards Vendra.

Rullik, Mungo, and Grau caught up after a few moments and after a short exchange with Squip, the barbarian realized that the strange smell was coming from the dagger and not the air. She threw the poisoned dagger to the ground and Rullik carefully slid it into an empty sheath. As everyone was leaving Grau handed Squip a pair of silver bracelets that looked like serpents and a wand and told her to hold on to them for “evidence.”

By the time everyone returned to meet Zeveran and the Field Marshall the hour had grown late. Edward explained to the rest of the party that the cure was a fake, and after discovering that the party was off to investigate the wreckage of the ominous ship that had been sunk days before offered his services to cast a water breathing spell on them, even breaking the code of his church and doing it free of charge as to expedite the possibility of finding a lead to the cause of the plague. The Field Marshall rewarded the party with 1500 crowns and a scroll of freedom of movement and saluted them off.

After consulting the Harrow as to the purpose of the wand and discovering that it was a wand that could cure disease, the party rushed back to the Three Rings Inn to help Tess Lightfoot. Rullik seemed to be the one most capable of wielding it and after muttering some words in Dwarven touched the wand to the inn keeper and within seconds she was awake and breathing without trouble. Tassleholf danced madly around while Zev took Tess into his arms to swing her about and there was much celebration that night, with Squip preparing a small feast in Tess’s honour and Rullik drinking to excess. Before bedding for the evening Mungo wandered the premises looking for the glass shards of his window to mend it as well as his clothes from the night before. As a final thought, he had Squip tie him to the bed in anticipation of any strange Lycathropic change coming over him.

On the morrow everyone convened to head to the docks to find Eries and have her lead the way to where they might find the wreckage. Edward met up with them, cast the water breathing spell and wished them luck. The trek to the wreckage was quiet through the muddy waters of the Jeggare River with only schools of fish and a school or rays disturbing the peace. Finally they came upon a bed of kelp and just beyond saw the wreckage. Zeveran’s first instinct as a sailor was to find the name of the vessel, “Her name is the Direption.” he told his companions; the water breathing spell also allowing normal conversing to happen.

They crawled over the bow and found that the ship had been broken 3/4 of the way towards the bow, a huge mountainous rock separating the pieces. An octopus jetted into the hull and disappeared into a crack. The inside of the ship was composed of two decks, each deck had a door that led deeper into the bow. Squip, always eager, pushed through the top most door only to find an area eerily empty of any of the trappings that signified people ever occupying the boat.

Just then a spear made coral and shark’s teeth cut through the sea water and embedded itself in the hull of the wreckage just as several halfling size creatures crawled from behind broken barrels and from the depths of the bow’s interior. The strange creatures bore a resemblance to a goblin bred with a shark that had tentacles instead of legs. Mungo later announced that these were Grindlows and that they commonly haunted the depths near civilizations and cities. Squip charged the nearest the best she could considering she was underwater and wearing a weighted belt of rocks and Zeveran came around to the bottom of the hull and was “charged” by two more of the ugly creatures. Just as the fighting was getting fierce a larger Grindylow the size of Zev swam it’s way into the fray, it wielded a similar spear but boasted a suit of finely made shark skin armour.

Inside the hull two of the smaller Grindylows as well as an octopus and the larger sea goblin advanced fiercely on Squip who was soon re-enforced by Rullik. Outside the broken ship Zev faced off against the other two smaller sea goblins while Mungo rushed to support him; doing so easily because of his freedom of movement spell that he quickly read from a scroll before the ink was washed away.

As the gnome fended off the assault Rullik attempted to find out why the attack was happening by speaking with the octopus that accompanied the Grindylow’s attack. The few words he could get from the animal suggested that the cephalopod was simply their pet and was being fed and cared for by the Grindylows. Just then Squip landed a killing blow against their large leader followed by Rullik sinking a dagger into the throat of a smaller one causing the third to flee and the octopus to erupt in a jet of inky blackness.

After tossing his spear right past his enemy Zev pulled out his trident; he and Mungo then made quick work of the remaining two Grindylows. After a quick search of the broken off bow the party found a finely crafted Dwarven Waraxe that Rullik quickly commandeered along with the sharkskin armour of the Grindylow leader. The small stash of gems and coins was given to Zeveran to hold onto but three of them were obviously out of place, from a country unknown to the party.

The easy battle left our party breathing a sigh of relief and wondering at the creepy emptiness of the vessel they had begun to explore…


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