The Curse of the Crimson Throne

2011.01.31 - Wererats, Perfume, and Quicktalkers

Where's Mungo?

After the daunting duel to the death with the firebrand of a Wererat, Girrigz Ripperclaws, our intrepid party set about the task of gathering the small arsenal of weaponry to sell as well as herding the remaining unharmed Wererats to hand over to Eries Yelloweyes. Both Mungo and Rullik felt decidedly stronger and more able after the encounter.

Upon returning with the entirety of the band of deviant Wererats Eries stepped out, slapped one young man in the face telling him to “listen to your mother next time” and had them haulled off, presumably by others of their kind. She then took the party to her small apartment on the docks to inform them of what she knew of the ominous sunken ship the in the Jeggare River. The party discovered the following:

  • There was nothing aboard the ship at the time it sunk, only a single yellow lantern.
  • Strange debris drifted from it’s hull to the shore that included small boxes tied conviently to the wreckage.
  • The boxes contained both dead rats and silver coins, and sensing something wrong with the rats and something foul on the coins the Wererats kicked the debris back into the river.

Eries informed them that she and her children do not believe the sinking of the ship, the flotsam, and the plague are mere coincidence. And with a sly smile offered up 5 potions of water breathing at only half the market price (375 gp).

After all was said and done the party retired to the 3 Rings for the evening only to find the inn’s proprietor, Tess Lightfoot, overcome with Blood Veil. Her panicked cousin Tasselhoff was there doing his best to take care of her. After some discussion it was decided that the party would investigate Lavener’s perfume shop and a supposed miricale cure that had arrisen. Squip did her best to comfort the frazzled Tas and after a light dinner the party went to sleep.

The next day the party awoke to find Mungo missing and his room at the 3 Rings in shambles. Rullik used his keen knowledge to deduce that either the Wererats had kidnapped Mungo or that he had transformed into one himself! Using the badger Tharny’s keen nose they began tracking Mungo only to find him hiding in the shadows of the streets wearing ill fitting clothing and exclaiming he had woken up naked in a court yard on the other side of Korvosa. His nose twitching and senses heightened, he purchased more clothes and the party continued on to investigate Lavender’s.

The party found a line four blocks long curving around The Heights all leading into the perfumery. Squip, Mungo, and Rullik took to the back while Ihro and Zeveran made a distraction in the front. Mungo snuck in the window into what could only be the owner’s (Vendra Loaggri) apartment and a cursory search turned up nothing out of the ordinary. Meanwhile Ihro and Zev got into a tussle outside that brought the shop guards as well as Squip and Rullik to investigate. Mungo made his way into the shop and failing to steal a few phials of Lavender’s Luxuriant Liniment bought two and quietly made his way out. The distraction outside got heated enough that both Vendra and another guard emerged and there was a heated exchange that involved Zeveran claiming to be the guard and Squip calling out Vendra’s Liniment as a con. Ihro took this opportunity to sneak in and explore the apartments himself. He found a boarded up door and with a little lightning blew it off it’s hinges and discovered what looked to be a poorly constructed alchemist’s lab that contained barrels of water, an assortment of perfumes and a vat of what seemed to be the Liniment. After taking a sample he exited only to be confronted by a guard. He was apprehended and as he was about to set the man and the building on fire Zev rushed in, knocked the guard about, and took Ihro by the hand and ran off.

The party then decided that they would take one dose to The Hospice of the Blessed Maiden to have the Queen’s Physician’s examine, Squip would take a dose to Tess, Rullik and Zev would take a dose to Edward Montaigne at the Bank of Abadar, and Mungo and Ihro would report to Field Marshall Kroft their findings.

The adventure concluded with everyone but Zev marching off with Grau and a contingent of guard to Lavender’s to apprehend Vendra and thoroughly investigate the “cure”.


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