The Curse of the Crimson Throne

Tactics: "Run, Jump, Fall" VS "Think, Consider, Cast"

As evening was falling the group was seated at the Three Rings whetting their whistles (dousing them in Rullik’s case), an aurroch of a mail-maid came in baring a letter for Zeveron.
The letter mentioned his boat and the possibility that Veda, from the Cerulean Society, might have some knowledge as to its ware-abouts, and was signed from the King of Spiders himself. Thinking to capitalize on everyones unique… skills (?)… and not have the evening be wasted getting ‘dwarven-drunk,’ the group all split up to pursue information on the guild of thieves, and their ware-abouts individually.
Rullik and Zeveron, making best use of their faculties, ruffed up some common thugs, and murdered a man in cold blood to learn the name of a local crime-boss.
Mungo plumbed his underworld contacts, through the ware-rat population, to discover who the ware-guild members were, the Rat Teat Boys, and their area of operation.
Squip threw a fit in the Unicorn’s Horn and didn’t learn much of anything, but did make a racked worthy of someone ten tymes her size.
And Synthrish, recognizing the worth of being informed in any area before going into it, hit the library at the Academia. There she learned that Veda had been an elven applicant two hundred years prior, but had been turned away for practicing a bastard form of the arcane, witchcraft, despised by all proper practitioners. Also, information about the Rat Teat Boys, identifying gang colors and that many high-up members in the guild were located in the affluent East Shore district, was all forthcoming as well.

Reconvening later that evening Squip went to her room in a huff and the rest of us decided that crawling through a sewer in search of some rat-hooligans was an activity entirely below the status of such highly respected heroes, and that searching the East Shore, a much more dignified activity, was likely to lead to a more direct source.
The next day we sent Mungo and Squip out to busk on a street corner and insert suggestive lyrics to the Cerulean Society that we would love to play for Veda herself. One of the members was captivated by our lyrics, but needed suggestions whispered more directly in her ear from a trusted friend, which a cunningly employed charm ensured that Synthrish was.
Led directly to Veda’s abode, as guests to we were ushered into a drug-hazy room with a very surprised Veda. Her immediate reaction was to, dishonorably, coerce elementals to do her bidding and flee the scene herself.
Synthrish, speaking the language of rocks, began dialogue with the summoned Magma Elemental, and by proxy, with the Fire Elemental. The dialogue was difficult, predominantly because of the lack of finesse with the terran tongue, but through use of magic, diplomacy, creating fire and basking in it Synthrish was able to convince the elementals that she was party to their grievances, that, in fact, they were on the same side, and that in future encounters should work together to arrive at mutual goals.
During the parley, Mungo, Squip, Zev and Rullik all chased after Veda, who had managed to get a good head start on them, dodging around a hay cart of doom and some construction scaffolding. Rullik, in his bullish desire to bound over the cart, pulled it onto its side, forming a solid barrier and keeping any of the others from finding good hand-holds, delaying the pursuit significantly.
Veda approached a guard naked and insistent that the party was attempting to kill her, and while initially met with doubt, managed to convince him that her situation was dire and slipped around him.
Schrtztztz dashed out the house when Synthrish indicated that she needed no more elemental solidarity and, with amazing speed and grace flew over and around obstacles which had otherwise troubled the group, quickly catching, and passing Veda herself. Schrtztztz looped back around to delay the fleeing witch, but having no metal on her person, was unable to establish a significant electrical flow thru her, but was able to delay her enough for Rullik to catch up and heave a dagger into her leg. Confronted with such a fell beast, Veda swung her cudgel directly into the cloud of lightning and landed as solid a hit as possible, dispersing much of the solidity of its body. Schrtztztz’s emotions, having received such a grieveous wound, were instantly recognizable to Synthrish, who, in a display of her love for elemental states of being, broke parley to assist and put an end to this fruitless dash of Veda’s. Muttering a few words and casting her hands about with perfect and practiced precision, Synthrish opened an extra-dimensional space directly beneath the witche’s feet, spilling her thirty feet down and knocking her unconscious while the rest of the party continued to scramble through crowds and around portcullises.

All she could think was how embarrassing it was for people that their best solution was to pursue a fleeing opponent on their own ground rather that dealing with them on terms decided by oneself.
When the only tool you have in a hammer, all of your problems begin to look like nails; so maybe when all you have is muscle to carry you through every situation the only solution you can think of is to run, jump and throw things.
Synthrish was, however, entertained at how taken the mob seemed to be with the diminutive Squip, believing her the main hero to save Korvosa from the Blood Vail… so be it though, let the mass believe as they will. It did provide an entertaining scene.


“Quickly, you fools!”

The cultists scrambled about, preparing for the oncoming attack; the magical alarms had faded, but the fear of assault had not. The necromancer stood on the catwalk above the frothing vats of decay, watching the deathpriests below summoning undead minions and mentally preparing the unholy prayers needed for the defense.

Several thoughts ran through his head at once: what had they lost so far, having intruders discover the secret lair? The time, the resources, the manpower needed to secure their traitorous plans—all gone in a matter of moments. However, what could he gain? If he stopped the assault right here and now, how he could wave his victory in front of the priests as a sign of competence, of sheer skill. He would be promoted for sure, maybe even sent away from this clustered city and its petulant crowds. They would never understand what his cadre was doing, what great experiments lurked beneath their streets. How little they had come after a revolution took this city. No, Korvosa was doomed to wither away in its own ignorance, and the necromancer Rolth would profit from its demise.

He quickly grunted in frustration. No! Not now! He still had this trouble to deal with. Grandeur can come later. Following the priests’ example, he also began preparing his arcane tools, instinctively stroking the glass rod hidden in a side pocket.

Rolth didn’t have long before the wide doors in front of him slammed open. Their first assault was quite unexpected—their image. “YOU! It’s you fools again!” he screeched, recognizing the wild-eyed gnome and the lanky boy standing at the entrance. They were accompanied by two others, no doubt replacements for the meddlers before them. Almost immediately, one of the newcomers cast a spell—the entire room was bathed in holy energy, consecrating the very ground these dealers in death stood on. As he stood there in shock, one of the deathpriests below finished the incantions to a spell. Even before Rolth could identify it, impenetrable darkness engulfed his vision. His ears were filled with the sounds of combat as the realization of the situation hit him.

“You FOOL!” he exclaimed as he began dispelling the darkness spell one of his rotting allies had cast. The darkness was gone as quickly as it had appeared; the scene in front of him was chaotic, as both sides had been flailing about, trying to attack the other. Rolth watched as a metallic glint shot through the air, cleanly cleaving through one of the plague doctors’ skulls, the glint materializing into an axe embedded into the vat to his right. What he didn’t notice, however, was the growing storm cloud collecting itself behind him.

The necromancer felt his body tense up and electricity arced over his body. Whipping about and seeing the fully-formed air elemental behind him, he tried to make a break for it—his position on the high ground would not do him any good against the outsider. The creature was ready for his retreat, however, a solid lightning bolt shot out at Rolth’s feet, causing him to fall on his face. Cursing his luck, he began to stand up, but before he could think of an appropriate attack, the elemental barreled into his chest, sending him over the railing and into the very full vat below.

This was not going to plan.

His mouth full of the disgusting liquid, his limbs still tense from the electrical shock, he managed to reach above for the lip of the vat and pull himself up. Drawing his last reserves of strength, he leaned over the lip and let himself fall to the ground below, sputtering as the impact knocked the air and chemicals from his lungs. Coming to his senses and standing up, he saw that his allies had at least held the foes at bay, although the undead numbers were thinning. Damn this holy energy! Damn that cleric!

“You like lightning, do you!?” he screamed as he pulled that glass rod out of his pocket. The fact it had not shattered from the blows was a miracle. Rubbing fine fur over the trinket, he finished speaking the final syllables of the spell and a lightning bolt, much larger than the one he contended with earlier, shot into the crowd, aimed directly at the elf in the back. His aim was true, and the magic blasted through the foes before him. The mountain cat at the front of the group, no doubt a trained pet of theirs, let loose a painful “MREOW” before it slumped to the ground. Unfortunately, none of its allies were taken out of the fight. He motioned to the priests to his left, and they began to take up a defensive stance, their attempts foiled however, as magical grease (damn caster!) made one fight to maintain his combat stance and the other tugged at his scythe, the blade firmly lodged in same vat Rolth had fallen into. The elemental flitted around, raising the ire of the necromancer.

He had just enough time to slip his hands into pouches on his belt when a new figure charged through the shadows. A grizzled dwarf—also a long time foe, but where had he come from?—charged past his allies, unsheathing a large axe as he ran toward Rolth. The attacks came quick, with ruthless precision. He was sure he could get off one last attack and then make his escape; twin gouts of flame shot out of his hands into the dwarf as the gnome snuck around to his side.

Rolth knew he was well and truly cornered when his final ally fell. He would not be victorious this day, but there was always another opportunity, provided he could get away. He focused on casting his final spell, dimension door, which would magically transport him away from this hole in the ground, when the axe buried itself in his chest. And continued hacking as he fell to the floor, life draining out of him. And again.

And again.
And again.

A link to Mungo’s inspiring song “The End of Rolth”

(So yeah, I did this right after the session when I should be sleeping for work the next day and I know I left out a lot of details but I think I got the gist of it. Just imagine Mungo booming “TA REN TA RA” every eighteen seconds and I think it’s accurate.)

2011.07.11 - A Mad Woman Caught
Do you promise?

Synthrish went and guarded what she thought was the most likely exit from the dining area while the others looked around cautiously.

“Did you see that crazy elf? She looked like some sort’a clown!” Exclaimed Mungo.

“No, but I almost caught one of her crazy yelling arrows to the head! Good thing I’m faster than a slow witted harlot!” Squip snapped back.

Just then Zev cried out in pain as a crossbow bolt found its mark right where his armour wasn’t protecting as the Elven woman squealed with delight, “Are you enjoying my pretties? They dance quite beautifully!” as she ducked into one of the entry rooms.

With a grunt Zev snapped the bolt off at it’s entry point and ran after her. Synthrish, finally spotting her target cast a Hideous Laughter spell and the already mad Elf fell down in a paralyzing fit of laughter. Zev dove on top of her and held her down. The others came rushing in and with a bit of effort tied the woman up. As the ropes were tightened she let out a disturbing moan, of pleasure or pain it was still difficult to tell. Rullik had already lost patience with the madwoman and held a knife to her tied hands.

“Start talking or I’ll take off one of your fingers right now.” He threatened and Taom the wildcat hissed in agreement.

“Do you promise?” She purred and leaned her head back to see the gruff Dwarf’s confused expression.

“Mungo, let’s check the upstairs and leave our friends to their work.” Zeveran suggested hesitantly.

Upstairs Zev and Mungo found what seemed to be a gallery of sorts with three of the undead aristocrats wandering aimlessly. Zeveran handled them easily but stumbled upon two more in the master bedroom. One of the zombies was dressed as a Galtan Queen and that queen was Olauren Carowyn, lady of the house. Asking for forgiveness from whatever gods were watching, Zev ran her through as well as the other and began searching the upstairs thoroughly with Mungo.

“How much do you think we can get for all these paintings?” Mungo piped up.

“No clue, lets see if we can get them down.” Zev suggested, temporarily forgetting the atrocities they both had witnessed.

Back downstairs the others kept Jolstina tied up and began questioning her. Threats of violence were tossed around only to be met with moans and begging. When Squip attempted a nicer approach the Elf spat at the Gnome and began going on and on about how the friends had destroyed her pretties and all of her fun. Finally Rullik shoved the knife through her hands, calling her bluff. Jolstina only moaned loudly in an orgasmic kind of pleasure. Squip crawled into her lap and began nuzzling her, thinking that if cruelty wasn’t working on the mad harlot then affection might. Poutily she refused the speak and Squip was forced to give up.

“I say we just kill ‘er. She’s bat mad and useless to us.” Grumbled Rullik.

“Why not just take her to the guard?” Squip pipped in while Synthrish stood silently over all of them.

“NO!!!!” the Elf cried out “Please! Don’t lock me up! ANYTHING but that horrid hole the Citadel calls a prison!”

Prodding her on Squip ignored her pleas, “Yep, let’s just lock up this crazy elf no use for her here!”


Both Synthrish and Rullik grinned. After some back and forth the three found out the following:

  • Jolstina (the name they never got) is in love with Rolth.
  • Rolth was last seen with two Grey Maidens when he came to the manor to take away a Varisian boy (Presumably Ruan Mirakova.)
  • Rolth has some new employer, Jolstina knew nothing about who it was.
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    2011.07.07 - Part 2: They Did the Mash!
    Please save my brother!!

    Exhausted the party made their way back to the Three Rings intent on sleeping off a day of being water-logged. Rullik and Ihro had a different way to deal with a stressful day though and began a long night morning of drinking and other vices.

    When everyone awoke mid-day they made a startling discovery. On one of the tables was a note held in place by a familiar silver dagger with a Harrow deck sprawled out beside it. Holding his head from the hangover Rullik read the note aloud, or at least he attempted to.

    “Aye, ow, that’s what kind er’ trouble we were gettin’ into last night. Seems that boy’s run off on some kind o’ Shiver binge.”

    Squip and Zeveran tried to read the scrawl but combined the friends could only make out a few words.

    “At least he left us Zellara’s-” Zeveran’s words were cut off by a feeble call for help. Eyes widening, Squip ran to untie Mungo from the bedposts.

    While the companions spoke amongst themselves about what to do next they failed to notice the Elven maiden that was sitting in a corner of the inn; half scoffing, half smiling she approached everyone and introduced herself as Synthrish, devotee of Nethys. She explained that since the outbreak of the plague she was sent by the church of Nethys as their representative to Edward Montaigne. In his best wisdom, he sent her to the Three Rings to find the intrepid party to assist their study, research, or acquisition of a cure to the Blood Veil plague.

    The party then spent most of the day recovering and getting to know Synthrish. Zeveran even took the time to explain to Mungo the advantages of the bow over the sling and convinced the singing halfling to venture out into the city to purchase one. Later that evening while Squip prepared dinner a young Varisian woman wandered into the Three Rings, obviously exhausted and overwhelmed, the woman kept her composure and addressed the adventurers asking for the one in charge. Rullik began to raise his hand while both Mungo and Zeveran greeted the lady; she looked to the three confusedly before throwing herself into a chair.

    “Please, my brother! I need your help! I saw you leaving Citadel Volshyenek and sought you out…please….”

    She could hold it in no longer and the young woman broke down for several minutes. Zeveran and Mungo attempted to comfort her and she looked to them with swollen eyes, tears staining her face.

    “My name is Deyanira Mirakova and my brother Ruan has gone missing. I begged the guard for help but they sent me away claiming there was nothing they could do and that they had no bodies to spare. Fortunately one of them took pity on me, and told me I could find you here at the Three Rings. She said you might be able to help, that the Field Marshall had relied on you in the past.”

    Mungo recognised the name immediately as a young and popular Varisian man who was quite the talent with the ocaraina.

    “About a week ago he was asked by the Carowyns to perform at a gala they were having at their manor. Why they decided to hold such an event at a time like this is beyond me, but because they are such heavy contributors to the arts here in Korvosa Ruan didn’t dare say no. But he never returned from the party that night, so I went to investigate and the gate and was locked tight and a putrid smell wafted in from beyond the walls. I have no idea what happened but I can only expect the worst! Please you must find him, I don’t have much but season tickets to the amphitheatre. It’s all I have….he’s all I have….please

    Zeveran reassured her and took down the address to Carowyn Manor in South Point. The companions decided to investigate the following morning after a good night’s rest.

    Finding the manor was easy enough and when they arrived they discovered a locked gate just as Deyanira described. Rullik and Squip headed around the side of the manor and began hacking away at the large hedge only to be met with aching hands as their weapons struck the wrought iron gate hidden within the foliage. Meanwhile Mungo decided that climbing the wall and unlocking the gate from the inside was the better option.

    The manor was still, no sign of the owners anywhere. Just around from the entrance the companions discovered two bodies dressed in finery covered in boils and buboes larger than any they had seen since the blood veil first appeared. Zev checked the front door and it easily swung open. Cautiously the party entered while Synthrish and her elemental held back; within the manor walls they witnessed a gruesome spectacle, a mockery of the events only a week prior. Piles of disease laden bodies lay in the corners of a small dance hall while in the center of the room three couples…zombies all of them…danced with jerking motions and stiff joints in the eerie silence. Enthralled the party watched, but only seconds later the zombies turned slowly towards the living then rushed forward in a frenzy. The companions had little trouble dispatching the undead aristocracy and began to search the house. Again they found more of the unliving mockingly imitating their previous existence; a servant and two masters. Rullik’s axe found it’s mark as did Zev’s finely crafted sailor’s hook. Meanwhile Mungo began cautiously checking other rooms and calling for Ruan and found emptiness. Suddenly from the upstairs there was a wailing and Mungo was struck with a screaming bolt. Synthrish heard and came inside to investigate and sent her living cloud of lighting upstairs to find the perpetrator. And then another bolt went screaming past Squip’s head followed by mad giggling. The more they looked the more zombies they found but no sign of the one shooting at them. Mungo then opened a set of double doors and there he saw a squeamish sight; a dinning table full of rotting food, eight corpses and four of them going through the motions of eating. The little Wererat slammed the door quickly and called a warning out to the companions as the walking dead began trying to force their way through the door. Suddenly a harlot-harlequin appeared in the middle of the dinning hall and sent another bolt flying, this time straight through Synthrish, and then she ran laughing maniacally through the double doors to the dinning area only to release the zombies within. The three warriors of the group set to halting the oncoming wall of gluttonous aristocrats and when it was over stood quietly, breathing heavily, listening for any sign of the harlequin and her crossbow.

    2011.07.07 - Part 1: The Direption
    And we're back!

    The Sea Hag Yvicca proved to be tough in her home terrain under the water in the Jaggare and put up quite a fight. But thanks to the water breathing potions and Yvicca fleeing at the wrong moment the party dispatched the Hag; they were rewarded for their efforts with a pair of rusty looking bracelets and a wicked double pointed short-spear (which Zeveran quickly equipped, with the party’s approval of course). With the sunken boat quiet once more the party began a thorough examination of the wreckage. The room that the Sea Hag took residence in seemed to be some sort of infirmary and looked empty until a small darkwood coffer caught Squip’s keen Gnomish eyes. With her normal reckless enthusiasm the little barbarian pried open the air tight container only to watch in horror as a set of documents detailing the ownership and purpose of the Direption began to disintegrate while the ink washed away. Luckily her keen eyes caught a small bit of information before the documents became completely useless:

    • The collections of ledgers, invoices, and deed were noted as belonging to the group B7
    • The ownership of the boat was titled to one “R. Davaulus”
    • The cargo was marked as “specimens”

    The party made note of what they had found and Squip was furious with herself for letting such a valuable clue slip away. Zev comforted her and urged the party to press on towards the captain’s quarters to see if any answers may lie there…and oh what a surprise they found.

    Floating eerily in the middle of the room, surrounded by the ghostly twisting sheets of a canopied bed was a body, specifically the body of one of the Queen’s Physicians. Rullik examined the body further and came across a holy symbol. Due to his vast stores of random knowledge Mungo recognized the symbol immediately: Urgathoa goddess of disease and plague. With the papers gone and this startling information revealed to them the intrepid adventurers did the only thing they could do; they drug the dead body to the surface and asked Eries Yelloweyes to stash the body so they could inform Field Marshall Kroft.

    The hour was late, well past sleep for any normal citizen, undeterred the heroes ran as fast as they could directly to the Citadel demanding to see the field marshal. After some persuasion they went directly to her quarters and woke her from her well deserved rest. Irritable and drowsy she let everyone in only to be shocked at the accusations everyone began throwing around while they all excitedly began speaking at the same time. Kroft silenced everyone and had the story relayed to her calmly. Gathering herself she regained her composure and ordered that everyone meet her there at the Citadel at daybreak and commanded they all leave.

    After a light breaking of fast and untying Mungo from the bedposts Rullik, Zeveran, Mungo, Squip, and Ihro quickly made their way to the Citadel to meet with Field Marshal Kroft. As she was already waiting at the gate they quickly made their way to the docks to find Eries. Shockingly the field marshal asked no questions as to who Eries was or why she had the body, she was completely focused on the task at hand. After examining the physician and finding the symbol of Urgathoa around the dead man’s neck she requested the party come back to the Citadel to discuss matters further and assured the old wererat that the body would be taken care of and not to worry about any reprisals.

    Upon returning there was a young Varisian woman pounding on the gate begging the guard for help weeping terribly and uncontrollably. Kroft quickly ushered the companions past the scene and sat them down in her office.

    “I cannot just go around flinging accusations that the queen’s personally selected doctor and his assistants are the cause of the blood veil plague without solid proof. To do so would probably end my life as well as yours. The body alone is only circumstantial, even if it is extremely suspicious. Give me some time to work out a plan, at least a few days. I’ll contact you once we can move forward. Mention this to NO ONE or I’ll have all of you locked up until Korvosa is rid of the plague.”

    With these stern words the field marshal sent the companions on their way. Noticeably the young Varisian was no longer wailing at the gates…

    2011.02.07- A Con Artist Arrested and What's in the River?
    Dwarves don't belong under the water

    “Blast!” Exclaimed Edward Montaigne. He had discovered that this “cure” Vendra claimed to have made was a fake, but both he and Zeveran expected as much. They both rushed to The Citadel to inform Field Marshall Kroft of their discovery.

    Meanwhile the rest of the party and the guard arrived at Lavender’s only to find a crowd of sick and needy already forming at the door, waiting for the next day’s business. Mungo pointed out which apartment belonged to Vendra and after several forceful knocks Lieutenant Grau kicked the door in (to Ihro’s envy). A quick search revealed she wasn’t home, but Squip’s keen Gnomish senses heard someone making a quick getaway in the hall.

    “They’re runnin’!” she exclaimed and, still riding the dog Cheddar, darted after Vendra and her group of thugs down the narrow hallway. After a failed attempt to bludgeon the first thug she pushed past him toward’s Vendra. Both Mungo and Rullik had fallen behind so the Dwarf decided to toss one of the tanglefoot bags he found in the sewer. It soared over Squip and Cheddar and with a wet splat it covered the next thug and within seconds hardened causing the man to fall face first into the planks. Squip wasted no time and with some fancy riding had Cheddar deftly dart past the final fleeing man and with a howl lept from the dog’s back onto Vendra, pinning her to the ground. She began begging for mercy and while struggling reached for a concealed dagger. Cheddar, quick to guard his master, clamped his powerful jaws down on her wrist. Squip grabbed it, held it to Vendra’s throat and then realized something smelled wrong and clamped her hand over her mouth and threw a garbled series of threats towards Vendra.

    Rullik, Mungo, and Grau caught up after a few moments and after a short exchange with Squip, the barbarian realized that the strange smell was coming from the dagger and not the air. She threw the poisoned dagger to the ground and Rullik carefully slid it into an empty sheath. As everyone was leaving Grau handed Squip a pair of silver bracelets that looked like serpents and a wand and told her to hold on to them for “evidence.”

    By the time everyone returned to meet Zeveran and the Field Marshall the hour had grown late. Edward explained to the rest of the party that the cure was a fake, and after discovering that the party was off to investigate the wreckage of the ominous ship that had been sunk days before offered his services to cast a water breathing spell on them, even breaking the code of his church and doing it free of charge as to expedite the possibility of finding a lead to the cause of the plague. The Field Marshall rewarded the party with 1500 crowns and a scroll of freedom of movement and saluted them off.

    After consulting the Harrow as to the purpose of the wand and discovering that it was a wand that could cure disease, the party rushed back to the Three Rings Inn to help Tess Lightfoot. Rullik seemed to be the one most capable of wielding it and after muttering some words in Dwarven touched the wand to the inn keeper and within seconds she was awake and breathing without trouble. Tassleholf danced madly around while Zev took Tess into his arms to swing her about and there was much celebration that night, with Squip preparing a small feast in Tess’s honour and Rullik drinking to excess. Before bedding for the evening Mungo wandered the premises looking for the glass shards of his window to mend it as well as his clothes from the night before. As a final thought, he had Squip tie him to the bed in anticipation of any strange Lycathropic change coming over him.

    On the morrow everyone convened to head to the docks to find Eries and have her lead the way to where they might find the wreckage. Edward met up with them, cast the water breathing spell and wished them luck. The trek to the wreckage was quiet through the muddy waters of the Jeggare River with only schools of fish and a school or rays disturbing the peace. Finally they came upon a bed of kelp and just beyond saw the wreckage. Zeveran’s first instinct as a sailor was to find the name of the vessel, “Her name is the Direption.” he told his companions; the water breathing spell also allowing normal conversing to happen.

    They crawled over the bow and found that the ship had been broken 3/4 of the way towards the bow, a huge mountainous rock separating the pieces. An octopus jetted into the hull and disappeared into a crack. The inside of the ship was composed of two decks, each deck had a door that led deeper into the bow. Squip, always eager, pushed through the top most door only to find an area eerily empty of any of the trappings that signified people ever occupying the boat.

    Just then a spear made coral and shark’s teeth cut through the sea water and embedded itself in the hull of the wreckage just as several halfling size creatures crawled from behind broken barrels and from the depths of the bow’s interior. The strange creatures bore a resemblance to a goblin bred with a shark that had tentacles instead of legs. Mungo later announced that these were Grindlows and that they commonly haunted the depths near civilizations and cities. Squip charged the nearest the best she could considering she was underwater and wearing a weighted belt of rocks and Zeveran came around to the bottom of the hull and was “charged” by two more of the ugly creatures. Just as the fighting was getting fierce a larger Grindylow the size of Zev swam it’s way into the fray, it wielded a similar spear but boasted a suit of finely made shark skin armour.

    Inside the hull two of the smaller Grindylows as well as an octopus and the larger sea goblin advanced fiercely on Squip who was soon re-enforced by Rullik. Outside the broken ship Zev faced off against the other two smaller sea goblins while Mungo rushed to support him; doing so easily because of his freedom of movement spell that he quickly read from a scroll before the ink was washed away.

    As the gnome fended off the assault Rullik attempted to find out why the attack was happening by speaking with the octopus that accompanied the Grindylow’s attack. The few words he could get from the animal suggested that the cephalopod was simply their pet and was being fed and cared for by the Grindylows. Just then Squip landed a killing blow against their large leader followed by Rullik sinking a dagger into the throat of a smaller one causing the third to flee and the octopus to erupt in a jet of inky blackness.

    After tossing his spear right past his enemy Zev pulled out his trident; he and Mungo then made quick work of the remaining two Grindylows. After a quick search of the broken off bow the party found a finely crafted Dwarven Waraxe that Rullik quickly commandeered along with the sharkskin armour of the Grindylow leader. The small stash of gems and coins was given to Zeveran to hold onto but three of them were obviously out of place, from a country unknown to the party.

    The easy battle left our party breathing a sigh of relief and wondering at the creepy emptiness of the vessel they had begun to explore…

    2011.01.31 - Wererats, Perfume, and Quicktalkers
    Where's Mungo?

    After the daunting duel to the death with the firebrand of a Wererat, Girrigz Ripperclaws, our intrepid party set about the task of gathering the small arsenal of weaponry to sell as well as herding the remaining unharmed Wererats to hand over to Eries Yelloweyes. Both Mungo and Rullik felt decidedly stronger and more able after the encounter.

    Upon returning with the entirety of the band of deviant Wererats Eries stepped out, slapped one young man in the face telling him to “listen to your mother next time” and had them haulled off, presumably by others of their kind. She then took the party to her small apartment on the docks to inform them of what she knew of the ominous sunken ship the in the Jeggare River. The party discovered the following:

    • There was nothing aboard the ship at the time it sunk, only a single yellow lantern.
    • Strange debris drifted from it’s hull to the shore that included small boxes tied conviently to the wreckage.
    • The boxes contained both dead rats and silver coins, and sensing something wrong with the rats and something foul on the coins the Wererats kicked the debris back into the river.

    Eries informed them that she and her children do not believe the sinking of the ship, the flotsam, and the plague are mere coincidence. And with a sly smile offered up 5 potions of water breathing at only half the market price (375 gp).

    After all was said and done the party retired to the 3 Rings for the evening only to find the inn’s proprietor, Tess Lightfoot, overcome with Blood Veil. Her panicked cousin Tasselhoff was there doing his best to take care of her. After some discussion it was decided that the party would investigate Lavener’s perfume shop and a supposed miricale cure that had arrisen. Squip did her best to comfort the frazzled Tas and after a light dinner the party went to sleep.

    The next day the party awoke to find Mungo missing and his room at the 3 Rings in shambles. Rullik used his keen knowledge to deduce that either the Wererats had kidnapped Mungo or that he had transformed into one himself! Using the badger Tharny’s keen nose they began tracking Mungo only to find him hiding in the shadows of the streets wearing ill fitting clothing and exclaiming he had woken up naked in a court yard on the other side of Korvosa. His nose twitching and senses heightened, he purchased more clothes and the party continued on to investigate Lavender’s.

    The party found a line four blocks long curving around The Heights all leading into the perfumery. Squip, Mungo, and Rullik took to the back while Ihro and Zeveran made a distraction in the front. Mungo snuck in the window into what could only be the owner’s (Vendra Loaggri) apartment and a cursory search turned up nothing out of the ordinary. Meanwhile Ihro and Zev got into a tussle outside that brought the shop guards as well as Squip and Rullik to investigate. Mungo made his way into the shop and failing to steal a few phials of Lavender’s Luxuriant Liniment bought two and quietly made his way out. The distraction outside got heated enough that both Vendra and another guard emerged and there was a heated exchange that involved Zeveran claiming to be the guard and Squip calling out Vendra’s Liniment as a con. Ihro took this opportunity to sneak in and explore the apartments himself. He found a boarded up door and with a little lightning blew it off it’s hinges and discovered what looked to be a poorly constructed alchemist’s lab that contained barrels of water, an assortment of perfumes and a vat of what seemed to be the Liniment. After taking a sample he exited only to be confronted by a guard. He was apprehended and as he was about to set the man and the building on fire Zev rushed in, knocked the guard about, and took Ihro by the hand and ran off.

    The party then decided that they would take one dose to The Hospice of the Blessed Maiden to have the Queen’s Physician’s examine, Squip would take a dose to Tess, Rullik and Zev would take a dose to Edward Montaigne at the Bank of Abadar, and Mungo and Ihro would report to Field Marshall Kroft their findings.

    The adventure concluded with everyone but Zev marching off with Grau and a contingent of guard to Lavender’s to apprehend Vendra and thoroughly investigate the “cure”.


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